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Since 1996.   Site under reconstruction.   16 Oct 2013.

Updated 15 October, 2013

Home of MaxDIR. (Latest release: v2.29 Jan 2005)

Blue Angels, Pensacola Beach 2003

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MaxDIR -   A DOS color directory program -   A useful alternative to the DOS dir command.   Get a DOS dir in color and columns, etc.

ScreenToggle -   A DOS utility to switch between 25 line and 50 line screen modes.   Mode command and ansi.sys not needed.

Previous HomePage Redirects:

BP Gulf Oil Spill -   A disaster of huge proportions that will linger in the gulf coast for years.

Google (encrypted) - was redirected to for a while.

Google - was redirected to for a while.

Some More Links:

Mint Linux

Ubuntu Linux

Mozilla Firefox

HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox

NoScript for Firefox

Better Privacy for Firefox (Deletes Flash Cookies)

Computer Security:   Use a Rescue CD to test your "clean" system.

How trojans-backdoors, keyloggers, and viruses can hide themselves from your OS and AntiVirus programs

Some possible rootkit solutions (Rescue CDs)

...Yes. I know.. Still a lot of updating to do. A lot of this stuff is from 10 years ago or more. Not that it's a bad thing, but still, fresher links are forthcoming, and you may find some of them quite interesting.

AeroSpace Related

NASA Current Missions Lists out all Current missions where you can click on each for detials.
Planetary PhotoJournal Lists out all Past missions where you can click on each for detials.
Planetary PhotoJournal "The Planetary Photojournal is your interface to the Planetary Image Archive."
Cassini-Huygens Pictures from and info on the Cassini Probe Project.
The Hubble Site Pictures from and info on the Hubble Space Telescope.
The Voyager Site The Voyager Interstellar Mission Site. Lots of info.
The Planetary Society The future of planetary exploration. Lots of Info and Links.
ExtraSolar Visions News, Art, and links to other sites about extrasolar planets. A space oriented news and e-zine site. Great photos of Solar Eclipses, Airshows, and more!
Space Daily A news site focused on space related subject matter.
X Prize The X Prize Foundation.   There is still money to be won.
Starship Pages Pictures of the Beech Starship 2000 and links to Scaled Composites.
Planet Quest Searching for planets outside our solar system.
NASA Main Site Any Forward Momentum in the slow paced space age?
NASA Headquarters NASA Headquarters
NASA DFRC Dryden Flight Research Center
NASA JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
NASA JSC Johnson Space Center
NASA KSC Kennedy Space Center
NASA MSFC Marshall Space Flight Center
Canadian Space Agency What's new at the Canadian Space Agency?
European Space Agency What's new at the European Space Agency?
Italian Space Agency What's new at the Italian Space Agency?
Russian Space Agency What's new at the Russian Space Agency
NSDA of Japan National Space Development Agency of Japan
Aviation Related FAA News and Info in the general and commercial Aviation Industry.

Links to Great Sites:

Computer Hardware/Software Related:

Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF)   "Defending Freedom in the Digital World."
Internet ArchiveThe WayBack Machine. See websites as they were in the past.
2600 Magazine2600: The Hacker Quarterly.
Novell NetwareTop notch networking.  Better than NT, even if MS is better at marketing.
PriceWatchFind the best prices on hardware you are looking for.
Tom's HardwareHardware reviews. Your computer will depreciate once you see this.
Ace's HardwareMore hardware reviews.
DVD Software PlusUseful stuff for manipulating and/or creating DVD/DivX.

Other Great Sites and Articles:

World FactbookThe World according to the CIA.   More info than you'll ever need about any country.
Analog MagazineConsider yourself a Sci-Fi buff? You ain't if you don't subscribe to this.
SciFi-Az.comSci-Fi fans, click here. Some great science fiction reading by a good author.
'net Movie DatabaseFind out everything about any Movie/Director/Actor/Actress/etc. Searchable and Crosslinked.
Nuclear FusionInteresting article on nuclear fusion reactor possibilities.
Russian Ghost Town"Elena's Motorcyle Ride through Chernobyl" and surrounding areas, with many haunting photos, plus more!

The Funny, the Interesting, and the Strange:

Web Economy BS GeneratorSome Web companies may use this in their 'Mission Statements'.
Fark.comIt's not News.. It's FARK.
Robot WisdomA weblog or collection of what the owner finds interesting/curious.   One of the very first internet "Blog"s.
The OnionAmerica's finest news source™.
Flame WarriorsFlame Warriors. Artist's rendition of Newsgroup/Chat warriors by type.
Sasquatch MilitiaJoin the Sasquatch Militia Today. "From The Forests We Will Fight!"
InsolitologyMore Oddness.
π (pi) to 1,000,000 digits.Nifty. There really is a site at 3.14159265358979323846264338327950

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