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Updated: 15 October, 2013

A DOS color directory program -   A useful alternative to the DOS dir command.   Get a DOS dir in color and columns, etc. See Readme or Fastread at left.

The most current PUBLIC release version of MaxDIR is v2.29, which was assembled on 23 January, 2005. The ZIP file is 52,659 bytes (52K) in length.  The filename is   md5sum = 7869a3b2d900fc55a60d2f75b576982d

MaxDIR ScreenShot
MaxDIR Config ScreenShot

For:  : DOS, MSDOS, DRDOS, PTS-DOS, FreeDOS, Win3.1, Win3.11, Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003,   DosBox for Win or Linux x86/x64 or DOSEMU for Linux x86/x64.   WinVista and Win7 users will need DosBox or another emulator.   Linux x86/x64 users can use either DosBox or DOSEMU.


To INSTALL:   Extract DI.EXE, CFG.EXE, and the .CFG files to your DOS or WINDOWS (or WINNT) directory. Or, extract them to anywhere in your system PATH.   (FAQ Q3)

To USE:   At a command prompt, type DI for a directory.   Type DI /? for options.   To customize MaxDIR, type CFG and edit the MAXDIR.CFG file.

The "MaxDIR FAQ" and "What is MaxDIR?" documents have been updated with info for v2.29.

The download comes with MaxDIR v2.29, MaxDIR Config229, Readme.txt, Fastread.txt, History.txt, and a Demo Config file.

All features are working, and the configuration is there for you to customize or mess around with. You can create up to 24 of your own configurations from within MaxDIR Config.   You may also add and remove configurations from MaxDIR Config.

To make one of them the default, just rename it to maxdir.cfg. Otherwise, if you want to use maxdir2.cfg, you would type DI /zmaxdir2 .

If you have any questions about how to make MaxDIR run, please read the MaxDIR FAQ located in the left column.

If you are still having problems or if the FAQ sheet didn't answer your questions, please must manually type

TIP:    Get ScreenToggle (7K) Freeware.   Use it to 'toggle' your DOS screen between 25 and 50 (or 43) line mode. ANSI.SYS is NOT needed! It is also Win95/98/ME compatible, and works either Full Screen or in a window.   MaxDIR looks even better in 50 line mode, too. ( Note: ScreenToggle is not needed under WinNT/ Win2000/ WinXP. )


WHAT'S NEW for MaxDIR v2.29:  (Current Release January 2005)

1) Added ability to set default number of columns in MaxDIR Config.
2) Added background color checking. MaxDIR now displays data using your current custom background color. DOS can only have 8 background colors. If you are using Windows, then MaxDIR will use the nearest DOS compatible color selected by Windows..
3) Backward compatibility with custom configurations upwards from v2.26.
4) Removed cursor code from MaxDIR for better compatibility.


WHAT'S NEW for MaxDIR v2.28:  (Released October 2003)

1) Fixed problem for Win9x based boot disks. After booting from the boot disk, MaxDIR would show wrong 'Total Clusters', causing it to display incorrect disk size and percentage full. Using the /X option, it would also show incorrect total clusters and clusters used. This problem did not occur on any other OS's, and it did not occur on fully booted Win9x OS's.
2) Added error checking code for illegal cluster values received from OS. See #1 above.
3) Added error checking to MaxDIR Config. Began coding for backward compatibility with old config files when new features are added.


WHAT'S NEW for MaxDIR v2.27:  (quickfix for v2.26, ~ January 2003)

1) Fixed 'Divide Error' on last line of /x (extra drive info) option. Somehow missed a silly typo when testing 2.26... This prevented it from showing the drive type.
2) Added pause for /? (command list) on 25 line screens.
3) Modified (Show available Drives) to show drives A / B if the current or checked drive is A / B.


WHAT'S NEW for MaxDIR v2.26:  (Released December 2002)

1) Completely re-wrote the entire screen display system to allow for more display options and to allow for standard device output. (stdio)
2) Added ability to re-direct output to files/printers/ etc., when using the no color (/c) option or the ANSI option (/j). ex: di /c > file.txt. ( This is good for exporting output to other applications. )
3) Added code to print colors using ANSI codes.
4) Added the /j option (Show colors in ANSI format).
5) Added ability to customize colors for 'Available Drives', File Sizes, and Volume Label.
6) Updated MaxDIR Config (CFG.EXE) to let you customize: 'Available Drives' color; File Size color; Volume Label color; Command Switch for Use ANSI/ No Color/ Standard Color.
7) Made numerous changes to MaxDIR Config (CFG.EXE) to make it more user friendly. Updated all help screens, and each window has its own help.
8) Optimized MaxDIR Memory for 128K model. Upped max files to 2400.
9) Added ability to show space used up to 4GB. Previous limit was 2GB.
10) Added ability to show files in 1, 2, 4, or 6 columns. It now shows filedates and times in 1 or 2 column modes.
11) Added code to sort files by filedate/time.
12) Add the /t option (Sort by Date/Time)
13) Added ability to customize colors for 'File Dates' and 'File Times'.


WHAT'S NEW for MaxDIR v2.25:  (Project Dropped April 2001)

1) Major re-write of several routines to allow for customization of colors, extensions, default command switches, and program colorization.
2) Developed configuration program (MaxDIR Config) to ease the customization of MaxDIR v2.25. MaxDIR Config uses a GUI-like interface.
3) Added code to allow the use of multiple configuration files. MaxDIR Config will allow up to 25 different configurations an can use them via the /z command switch.
4) Removed code (that's a first!) for the INI config files. Using an INI file approach was not going to work. Therefore, MaxDIR Config was needed and is now much easier to use.


WHAT'S NEW for MaxDIR v2.24:  (Released May 2000)

1) Added code to show available HD and network drives at top of listing.(I kept it from looking for floppy drives A & B because it might activate the drive each time you execute DI.EXE. I will code in an option to check them in a future release.)
2) Added the /v option to disable show available drives.
3) Added code to show build id and system information in the /b option.
4) Completely re-wrote extension sorting/coloring routines to allow customized user configurations.
5) Added "Check for latest info." in the /? option.
6) Fixed Bug from v2.23 beta1:  Typing DI followed by a drive designation caused your Current Drive to be switched to that drive.  ie: DI F:   left you at the F: prompt.
7) Completed coding and testing of custom command switch .INI files. MaxDIR can now read command switches from a default or specified .INI file.

A few reveiws:

MaxDIR 2.22 was featured in 21 April 2000 issue

In the works for the next version

1 - Attributes shown in 1 column mode.
2 - 32-Bit version for Win32 and Unix/ Linux.
3 - "Any suggestions from MaxDIR users?" ??
4 - More...

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